SPACE 1m Track Lighting Rail

Size mm (W x L x D): 34 mm W x 100mm L x 17mm D
Power: 240V
Colour: White
Tax included.

1m Track Lighting Rail For Retail, Showroom, Trade Shows And More

Introducing the 1m Track Lighting Rail, a versatile foundation for your track lighting needs. This one-metre track accommodates 7x10W or 7x30W lights, offering a mix-and-match approach for tailored illumination. With easy-to-click light fittings and tool-free installation, setting up your desired lighting has never been more straightforward.


  • Length: 1m section
  • Voltage: 240V - 16 amp
  • Compatibility: Designed for 10W and 30W Track Lights
  • Features: Comes with live and dead-end fittings

Modularity & Flexibility: The 1m Track Lighting Rail is about customization. Whether aiming for a subtle ambience with 10W lights or a brighter setting with 30W lights, this track accommodates your needs. The fittings click into the track and lock in place without tools, ensuring a secure setup. Just ensure they're placed as per the provided instruction sheet.

Installation: Each track has a dead and live end, ready to accept mains cables. Installation is as simple as wiring a plug, but it's recommended that a competent person handle the fitting. If you plan to extend your setup, consider the Straight connector add-on to seamlessly join two 1m tracks.

Applications: This track promises consistent and adaptable illumination, perfect for various settings, from retail spaces to art galleries.