SPACE Track Spotlight (Fixed Beam) - 10W

Size mm (W x H x D): 140mm W x 120mm H x 50mm D
Power: 10W AC 100-240V
Colour: White
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10W LED SPACE Track Spotlight For Use With A Track Lighting Rail

Elevate your track lighting system with our SPACE LED Track Spotlight. Designed with white housing and integral drivers, this 10W spotlight offers a 4000K (Natural White) light source with a focused 15° beam. Whether you're setting up a home exhibition, retail shop, or art gallery, this light ensures your displays are brilliantly illuminated.


 10W Spotlight Power: 10W AC 100-240V
Flux: 1000 lumens
Light Colour: 4000K (Natural White)
IP: Indoor use, IP44
Material: Aluminium
Colour: White


Versatility: The SPACE 10W LED Track Spotlight is about adaptability. With its 330-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt, you can direct the light precisely where needed. Its anti-glare design ensures visual comfort, making it perfect for various applications.

Efficiency: With a power rating of 10W and an average lifetime of 30,000 hours, this LED Track Spotlight is bright and long-lasting. Its non-dimmable feature ensures consistent illumination throughout its use.

Installation: Designed for seamless integration with our Track Lighting Rail, you can use up to 7 of these 10W units on a 1m track. For added flexibility, they can also be mixed with 30W units.

Applications: Ideal for home exhibitions, retail shops, and more, this spotlight promises targeted and dynamic illumination for all your display needs.