ORBIT Corner Power Through Connector

Colour: Black
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ORBIT Corner Power Through Connector: Enhancing Flexibility in Track Lighting

The ORBIT Corner Power Through Connector is an innovative addition to the iLumitraxx ORBIT Magnetic Track Lighting System, specifically designed to address the challenges of corner installations. This connector features a short cable between the power receivers, enabling seamless power transmission through corners and allowing for creative and flexible track configurations in any space.

Key Features:

  • Corner-Friendly Design: Tailored to facilitate the connection of track lengths at corners, ensuring a smooth and continuous lighting experience.
  • Flexible Cable Connector: The short cable between power receivers provides the necessary flexibility to navigate corners without compromising the stability or aesthetics of the track system.
  • Effortless Magnetic Connection: Maintains the ORBIT system's hallmark of easy, tool-free installation, allowing for quick adjustments and expansions.


  • Colour: Black, complementing the ORBIT system's sleek design.
  • Material: Constructed with durability and quality in mind for long-term use.
  • Compatibility: Perfectly compatible with the ORBIT Magnetic Track Rail, ensuring a secure and reliable corner connection.

Ideal Applications:

  • Innovative Retail and Commercial Spaces: Ideal for creating unique lighting layouts in shops, showrooms, and commercial areas where corner installations are needed.
  • Modern Residential Settings: Enhance the aesthetics of home interiors with flexible corner lighting solutions.
  • Adaptable Professional Environments: Perfect for offices and conference rooms where lighting needs to navigate architectural features.

Advanced Functionality:

  • Aesthetic Integration: Designed to blend seamlessly into the ORBIT system, maintaining the elegance of your lighting setup.
  • Reliable and Safe: Ensures consistent power flow through corner connections, keeping the lighting quality uniform across the installation.

The ORBIT Corner Power Through Connector is an essential component for those looking to maximize the potential of their iLumitraxx ORBIT Magnetic Track Lighting System. It offers functionality and flexibility to explore creative lighting designs, making it a valuable tool for any lighting project.

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