ORBIT Magnetic Track Focal Lights (6 Heads)

Power: 6W
Colour: Black
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ORBIT Magnetic LED Track Focal Lights with 6 Heads: Compact, Powerful Illumination for Every Setting

Introducing the iLumitraxx ORBIT Magnetic LED Track Focal Lights with 6 heads, a sleek and powerful lighting solution designed for precision and elegance. These compact yet powerful lights offer exceptional flexibility and performance, ideal for various settings, from highlighting artwork in galleries to enhancing product displays in retail spaces or adding a sophisticated touch to hospitality environments.


 6W Focal Lights Power: AC 100-240V
Light Colour: 3000K (Warm White)
Beam Angle: 24º
IP: Indoor use, IP20
Material: Aluminium/PVC
Colour: Black

    Key Features:

    • Compact and Efficient Design: With a product size of just 112mm L x 22mm W x 25mm H, these lights are discreet yet effective, fitting seamlessly into any space.
    • Focused Beam Precision: Each light features a beam angle of 24°/36°, perfect for creating focused, high-impact lighting scenarios.
    • Elegant Aesthetic: Finished in a classic black, these lights boast a modern, stylish look that complements any interior design.
    • High-Quality LED Technology: Equipped with OSRAM LED chips, known for their longevity and energy efficiency, these lights ensure consistent, high-quality illumination.
    • 6W Power Output: Each head packs a 6W punch while compact, providing ample lighting power for various applications.

    Ideal Applications:

    • Retail and Hospitality: Create captivating product displays or inviting atmospheres in restaurants and hotels.
    • Residential Spaces: Ideal for adding a modern lighting touch to living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
    • Professional Environments: Enhance office spaces, meeting rooms, and reception areas with tailored, high-quality lighting.

    Advanced Functionality:

    • Magnetic Installation: Effortlessly attach and adjust the lights thanks to their magnetic connectivity, offering unparalleled ease of use and flexibility.
    • Customisable Options: Choose the perfect lighting for your space with adjustable beam angles and high-quality LED chips.
    • Sleek and Durable: Designed for aesthetic appeal and durability, these lights are as robust as they are elegant.

    Elevate your lighting design with the iLumitraxx ORBIT Magnetic LED Track Focal Lights with 6 heads, where sophisticated design meets advanced lighting technology, offering a refined and adaptable lighting experience for any setting.