ORBIT Magnetic Track Pivoting Focal Lights (6 Heads)

Power: 6W
Colour: Black
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ORBIT Magnetic LED Track Pivoting Focal Lights with 6 Heads: Precision Lighting for Every Space

Introducing the iLumitraxx ORBIT Magnetic LED Pivoting Focal Lights, an innovative and versatile lighting solution designed to illuminate your space with precision and style. Whether accenting art in a gallery, highlighting products in a retail environment, or creating ambience in hospitality settings, the ORBIT Magnetic LED Pivoting Focal Lights offer unparalleled flexibility and performance.


 6W Pivot Focal Lights Power: AC 100-240V
Light Colour: 3000K (Warm White)
Beam Angle: 24º
IP: Indoor use, IP20
Material: Aluminium/PVC
Colour: Black

    Key Features:

    • Focused Illumination: Equipped with 6 focal lenses, the ORBIT Magnetic LED Pivoting Focal Lights acts like a spotlight, directing light exactly where needed. This targeted approach minimises glare while maximising impact.
    • Durable and Stylish: Crafted from high-quality aluminium and finished with a sleek powder coating, the ORBIT Magnetic LED Pivoting Focal Lights is as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing to complement any interior design.
    • Versatile Light Output: Available in 6W, this focal light caters to various lighting needs, from subtle accent lighting to powerful, focused illumination.

    Ideal Applications:

    • Retail and Hospitality: Enhance product displays or create a welcoming atmosphere in hotels and restaurants.
    • Residential Settings: Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms.
    • Professional Environments: Illuminate office spaces, conference rooms, and reception areas with tailored lighting.

    Advanced Functionality:

    • Magnetic Connectivity: The ORBIT LED Module easily attaches magnetically to profiles, allowing for effortless positioning and adjustment.
    • Customisable Lighting: Choose from various colour temperatures (2700K to 5000K) and dimming options.
    • Smart Integration: Contact us if you wish to use these lights for integration with Smart Home systems such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Philips HUE, Apple Homekit, and more. 

    Elevate your lighting design with the iLumitraxx ORBIT Magnetic LED Module, where innovative technology meets elegant design, offering a bespoke lighting experience for any setting.